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om mig

Ok, let's tell you something about the woman behind the camera. My name is Lara, I am living in Padborg denmark in a little house with my Husband Eugen and a garden full of veggies and flowers. 

As you can tell I am not yet fluent in danish (yet...) but I am working on that. You can currently communicate with me in English, German and French. I was born in Germany, lived in Düsseldorf for a long time, in Hamburg for an even longer time and after a lot of travelling and adventuring decided to move to denmark with my husband. 

I am working as a full time Photographer basically capturing emotions and people in love for a living. That basically means, I can attend the greatest moments in people's life, so big ones like Weddings, Engagements, Maternity- or Newborn-moments, and even the small moments in the life of a couple or a family. When I studied Photography and communication Design I didn't know that this specific job existed but I soon realised, that this is the greatest job of them all and I freakin love doing it. 

It is my passion to capture people and moments in a natural and authentic way, so that you can relive that day forever. You might think it can get boring and repetitive but every single one of my  over 150 weddings and couples I've captured in the last 6 years were so unique and emotional. It is a blessing to have a job that makes you happy and fulfille, so I am very glad, that I am in able to do what I do for a living.  

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